Thursday, 22 April 2010


"Adam Chodzko’s art explores the interactions of human behaviour. Using a wide variety of media - from video to performance to fly-posters to drawing - his work explores a collective wondering: how can we engage with the existence of others? How else might we relate? And what reality emerges from the search for this knowledge?"

Adam Chodzko comes primarily from a fine art background, having studied it at MA level in london, after a BA in History of Art.

He now seemingly works mostly with instillation work, public art, and such like.
personally i don't really like this form of art because i feel that although perhaps there has been a clever idea somewhere along the way, or the attempt to convey some kind of message to the public, that there is no real artist skill or craftsman ship involved. simply the money and time to set the whole thing up.

Although i respect everyones own interpretation of the word artist, and i can understand why some people would enjoy and find chodzko's work interesting, for me i am more interested in a more production based art, creating original items whether they be photographs, paintings, posters, interactive flash or even illustrations.

Another issue i had with Chodzko's lecture was his flouncy use of language, that just made we want to switch off because i couldnt keep track of what he was saying.

So really i didn't find much relevance in this lecture as far as my own practice is concerned but i suppose its always good to be contextually aware of what other practicing artists are doing.

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