Thursday, 22 April 2010


Ian Foxalls lecture, for me was probably the most inspiring of the whole discourse lecture series this. I always find it

interesting to hear from past graphic arts students who are now in industry. Last semester graphics had a talk from 2 past students Emily and Erin. It was really encouraging to see how they had gained worked were doing really well in industry doing the types of jobs that they wanted to do.

Again with Ian Foxall i got the same kind of encouragement. THis time i think it was even closer to heart because of the nature of quite a bot of his work. He works in a team with his brother and they have just published the first edition of turkish vouge. This for me as amazing. Working for a fashion editorial as big as vouge is my dream job and i was really inspired by how down to earth Ian was and yet he had achieved such great success in such a cut throat industry as the fashion editorial industry.

i was so inspired by his talk taht i went on his website and found yet more fashion editorial work that really really impressed me. Foxall Associates has produced the branding for a fashion photography retouch company called love retouch. This is an amazingly useful contact for me to have found as my garp is based around the advancement of fashion photography enhancement, and this company might be really useful to get in contact with.

Another thing i loved about Foxalls work was the turkish twist applied to the traditional vouge design. WIth a bit of clever typography the whole feel of the magazine had gone from urban paris/new york/milan feel to turkish middle eastern charm without loosing any of the high fashion status vouge is so famous for.

I was really glad i saw this lecture and hopefully will be in contact with Ian in the near future for research and possibly a placement opportunity.

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