Thursday, 22 April 2010


this was a graphic arts visiting lecturer as appose to a practice discourse lecturer and i must say i fond it a lot more interesting than i have been finding discourse this semester.
Im hoping that doesnt make me narrow minded in my views on art and design, in that i find a graphics lead talk far more interesting, ut i really do think it was the quality and content of this talk that swayed me as appose to it being solely because it was graphics led.

Craig Olham is from Music design agency and provided a hand out as well as slides to make his talk all the easier to follow and recall if needs be.

perhaps Oldhams most valuable lesson as a designer is to avoid the temptation to jump on the bang wagon and be a sheep, doing what every other designer is doing because one of them one day said thats what designers should do.
his example was the showing of hands in photographs of design work. This seems very "cool" among budding designers at the moment as when asked why they say it helps convey the scale of the design work. However as Oldham bluntly pointed out “I’m a fucking designer, just say A2 sized poster.” i thought this was a pretty good point and quite amusing, as i did most of this talk.

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