Thursday, 22 April 2010


Ian Whittlesea's lecture was probably the least positive outlook on art i've heard from an actual practicing artist.

He talked in depth about how he spent years "pain-stakingly" painting the word DESPAIR on a table only to find that every gallery he approached showed no interest in showcasing it, or in fact any of his works. He then went on to say that after years of painting these letters onto canvas.he lost is love for art. not the most inspiring start to a talk to art students.

the only part of his lecture that i liked was how he talked about one of his projects in which he painted the address of famous artists studios from around the world, and placed them in his own studio, saying the message behind this was to instill that anywhere can be a place of inspiration. i really like the idea behind this as anywhere you feel comfortable can be, by Whittleseas ideals, claimed as your own creative sanctuary.

i then got completely lost. Well, i understood what was being said, i just wasn't quite able to understand how Ians infatuation with judo could still leave him a practicing artist, because he arranges judo events around the country. Having studied Yves Klein myself i completely understood Kleins relevance to the judo, and i thought it quite moving that Whittlesea was so clearly passionate about his new vocation, however is saddened me slightly that he seemed to find that vocation by moving away completely from the area of practical art.

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